13-gallon stainless steel pot still | moonshine distiller

13-Gallon Stainless Steel Pot Still | Moonshine Distiller

This 13-gallon stainless steel pot still is a favorite among small commercial distilleries who want to start distilling whiskey. This still is the combination of our 13-gallon stainless steel milk can boiler and our 3″ stainless steel traditional pot still head to save you money and create a beautiful whiskey still that is a work of art. When we are constructing these stills, quality is of paramount importance so that you receive nothing but the highest quality pot still for whiskey …

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8-gallon stainless steel milk can boiler | moonshine distiller

8-Gallon Stainless Steel Milk Can Boiler | Moonshine Distiller

Description. This premium mirror polished 8-gallon stainless steel milk can boiler will come with a 2-inch tri-clover fitting (including a clamp, gasket, and stainless steel end cap) located near the bottom for adding an electric heating element, drain valve, or thermometer. It includes a domed lid with a 2″ tri-clover fitting …

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moonshine distiller 8 gallon milk can distilling boiler

Moonshine Distiller 8 Gallon Milk Can Distilling Boiler

This is our most basic stainless steel milk can distilling boiler. It has a 2 inch tri-clover connection in the top of the lid for your tower, but excludes all the other …

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13 gallon stainless steel still | dual purpose moonshine still

13 Gallon Stainless Steel Still | Dual Purpose Moonshine Still

This still is our 13-gallon milk can boiler and 3″ stainless steel dual purpose still tower combined to save you money and create one incredible moonshine still. This dual purpose moonshine still can be run as a reflux still allowing you to create a very high purity moonshine. The 13-gallon stainless steel still can also be used as a traditional pot still …

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8 gallon still | liquor still for sale | moonshine distiller

8 Gallon Still | Liquor Still For Sale | Moonshine Distiller

Description. This 8-gallon liquor still is perfect for beginners who want to start distilling their own liquor. Our 8-gallon stainless steel milk can boiler and our 2″ stainless steel dual purpose still tower have been combined together to save you money and create one incredible liquor still package. With this 8 gallon still, you can run it as either a traditional pot still (by running water through only the condenser and removing the bottom portion of the tower) or as a reflux still.

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distilling water in pot still? - home distiller

Distilling Water in Pot still? - Home Distiller

Feb 18, 2014· I wouldn't use a copper still for water. It ends up with a funny off taste. I would only use a stainless steel still for water. It would only need one run. $1.50 for 5 gal. I wouldn't even think about doing it myself. What are you wanting to use the water for? Generally distilled water …

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still boilers for sale hi quality stills | mile hi distilling

Still Boilers For Sale Hi Quality Stills | Mile Hi Distilling

Still Boilers Still Boilers for sale. About 13 years ago I was looking around the internet for stainless vessel we could use for still boilers and come across an old distiller photo using a milk can …

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moonshine stills & distillery equipment | olympic distillers

Moonshine Stills & Distillery Equipment | Olympic Distillers

Micro Distillery Equipment - Moonshine Stills - Kits and Parts New to distilling? We can help find the right still for your needs. Browse our huge selection of copper stills & stainless steel moonshine stills, home distilling & micro distillery equipment.From handmade alembic stills to reflux columns and flute stills for sale, from the smallest still …

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copper stills vs. stainless steel stills – clawhammer supply

Copper Stills vs. Stainless Steel Stills – Clawhammer Supply

Oct 19, 2015· The main drawbacks with stainless steel are it is not the best conductor of heat, and stainless steel won't remove sulfur compounds from the wash. Stainless / Copper Hybrid Distillers. Sometimes the best solution is a compromise. Depending on what you're using the still for and what features you want, a stainless boiler …

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stills for sale for home distilling | mile hi distilling

Stills For Sale For Home Distilling | Mile Hi Distilling

Mile Hi Distilling, Home of the Milk Can Moonshine Stills, Handmade one at a time In Colorado. Stills For Sale. Great, you are looking at buying a moonshine distiller, but can’t decide which one. Well, first of all, I want to thank you for looking on MileHiDistilling…

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